Mixed Woodland Mushrooms


Average Weight of Mushrooms 450g


100% British Woodland Mushrooms grown in the heart of the National Forest.

Each pack may contain in varying quantities:

Eryngi Mushroom (King Oyster)

The Eryngi is also known as the king oyster, the Eryngi mushrooms is a very unique shape and comes in a variety of sizes. The Eryngi is extremely delicious and incredible texture, giving it the ability to absorb and carry flavour combinations making it perfect for meat dishes and sauces based dishes. The Eryngi is a great substitution for meat in any dish, particularly chicken.

The Eryngi mushroom is really easy to cook and takes around 5 minutes to shallow fry, keeping its firm bite and full size.


Oyster Mushrooms are consumed around the world and are becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. They are known for their wide, flat caps with delicate pure white gills. They are called the oyster mushroom due to their caps resembling the shape of an oysters shell. The Oyster mushroom contains all of the essential amino acids needed for a healthy diet. 

Oyster has a soft bite and delicate flavour. It absorbs flavours well, which means it can easily increase the strength of a dish, making it an ideal accompaniment for fish dishes or creamy sauces. The gentle tastes of oyster mushrooms complement citrus flavours.

Oyster is easy to prepare and can be cooked whole or sliced, allowing it to be used in a variety of different dishes. As well as being fried it can be baked or boiled in soups and sauces.


Shiitake is known for its dark brown and umbrella shaped caps, which add a unique, visual twist to all recipes. The distinct shape can make even the simplest dishes interesting, especially when cooked whole and used in clear soups. Shiitake caps are often covered with white flecks, which shows that the mushroom is fresh and perfect to eat. Shiitake Mushrooms have a meaty texture and a rich, earthy flavour which adds beauty to any dish, particularly Japanese and Chinese dishes.

Shiitake is very easy to prepare and cook. It captures the taste of the orient and no self respecting stir fry dish is complete without it. Shiitake also tastes great in omelettes and fritters due to its subtle yet flavourful characteristics. For the more adventurous cook, pancakes, quiche and tarts come alive with the addition of shiitake’s unique yet delicious multiple attributes.


Maitake, otherwise known as Grifola frondosa, is a polypore mushroom. It is a unique mushroom and recognisable by its unusual fronds, giving it a floral appearance. In Japanese folk law, the Maitake mushroom was so prized due to its sensational taste, when it was found, people would dance with joy, hence why it is now often called “the dancing mushroom”.

The Maitake mushroom has a very rich, savoury taste, which adds an extra zest to dishes. Maitake vamps up any dish.  Salt really makes the flavours in Maitake come to life, so cook with a little cheese or bacon to really emphasize the Maitake’s taste. The longer the mushroom is cooked, the more intense the flavour. Maitake is very simple to prepare and almost all of the mushroom can be used, meaning there is little wastage. It cooks quickly and can be sauteed or baked.

Paris Brown, Buna-Shimeji, Shiro-Shimeji


Each pack will contain in varying amounts:

  • Shitake
  • Eryngii (King Oyster)
  • Oyster,
  • Buna – Shumeji
  • Shiro – Shimeji
  • Paris Brown
  • Maitake

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How To Store

Keep refrigerated. Do not eat raw

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